Advents Calendar Santa Claus

The Santa Claus Advent Calendar offers young and old a small surprise each day. Discover the respective day in the winter wonderland and watch Santa Claus on his way to Christmas (Day).

Open one window and answer a Christmassy question every day. Enjoy yourself!

Special features:
- playful discovery of the windows
- background music can be switched off
- 25-day mode
- all windows can be closed again

Information for parents:
There are manifold media offers available today. A reasonable use is important and this also applies to Apps.
In order to support you in your choice of Apps, we have listed relevant information to enable you to evaluate this App’s intensity of use.

This App contains:
- no advertisements
- no hidden costs (e.g. through In-App offers)
- no link to any social networks
- no reference to any other offers

As Christmas is a Christian feast some question will refer to biblical/religious contents.